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Richmond Wellness started with the idea that health and fitness is MORE than just physical - it's a mental and spiritual journey as well! Increasing your health and fitness can literally change your life.

And that's where I come in.

Are you searching for substance in a fitness studio? Want to make lifestyle changes that are not only enjoyable, but sustainable? Do you realize how fascinating it will be to learn so much more about yourself in the process?

At Richmond Wellness, I teach holistic fitness - taking every area of life into concern when you're looking to feel the best you've ever felt, the most confident, the most energetic, the most mobile, and more.

I coach strength, endurance, balance, core, stabilization, flexibility and range of motion - a holistic focus on how your body works and moves functionally as you go through life.

Are you searching for a personal trainer who specifically crafts your exercise plan to meet your goals from where you are now? Trying to figure out how to balance exercise into your busy life? Want to know how to get started from where you are now? Want to make lasting healthy choices for your life?

As a holistic personal trainer, I take every aspect of your life into consideration in creating your workout plans and exercises.

I will help you to push hard enough to achieve the health, fitness and weight loss goals that you set, and will protect you from pushing too hard and injuring yourself. You will be led through proper techniques and biomechanics, progressions, and phases of exercise by your personal trainer.

To explore if we would be a fit to work together towards your health, fitness, and wellness goals, reach out to me to schedule an exploratory session.

I look forward to connecting and learning about who you are and what you want to achieve!


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