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What do YOU want to accomplish with your one, wild life?

I became a personal trainer with a passion and desire to change lives positively - for the better. Hence, I am a holistic personal trainer. In my own journey, I encountered much more than developing a higher level of fitness, but the principles that I learned through application in training have applied to so many areas of my life. Little did I know the impact fitness training could make and the way it would sincerely touch my heart through other people in a profound way.

I work with everyone from the newcomer to the seasoned athlete, and everyone in between who wants to create sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle changes and achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals.

I have certifications, I have experience, and I've helped people get results - but what I believe is most important to include in that list, is that I have heart. That heart is: What do YOU want to accomplish?

What drove you to look at this website and want to get more information? What is your ideal wellness that you are wrestling with right now? Are you new to starting any kind of workout plan? Have you tried other solutions in the past that did not give you the results you hoped for? Are you skeptical at best of your ability to accomplish what you really want? Or, do you simply need the accountability to help to get yourself moving in the right direction?

The bottom line is that the core of my philosophy is to help YOU to achieve YOUR ideal fitness and wellness. Whether that is to be more confident in your own skin and clothes, to have more peace in your life, to establish a higher level of wellness that will carry you into your future, or all of the above and more. I am here for you to support you in your goals.

I believe there is no better way for me to describe my "bio," because, simply put, this is not about me, it is about you.

The direction of our lives, whether headed for success, or the alternative, starts in our minds. From there, we lead our hearts, our spirituality, and it all then flows into our physical lives and bodies. 

My vision is to inspire true and lasting lifestyle change for you. I know that I have been equipped with the tools to make it happen. I make it fun and enjoyable! I have seen improvements in coordination and balance, strength and endurance, and all around fitness in each of the clients I've been privileged to work with. As a result, they’ve lost inches and fat, and gained a deeper confidence that doesn’t come from having the "perfect" body.

My #1 value in life is health – healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit, healthy relationships, and healthy balance in life with work and play.

I specialize in helping others lean down and tone up with a healthy mix of cardio and strength exercises, practicing proper biomechanics when exercising, as well as giving the support that newcomers need to make lasting healthy choices for their life. I discovered my love for fitness and running in 2010 after running my first 5k. I progressed to an 8k, 10k, half marathon, and now have raced multiple marathons and ultra marathons (50Ks). In 2013, I also competed in my first sprint and olympic-distance triathlons. 

What do YOU want to accomplish with your one, wild life?

Certifications and Qualifications:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • RRCA Certified Run Coach
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialization
  • 7 years' study of psychology and motivation with the Veritas Institute

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