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Richmond Wellness started with the idea that health and fitness is MORE than just physical - it's a mental and spiritual journey as well! Increasing your health and fitness can literally change your life.

I teach holistic fitness - taking every area of life into concern when you're looking to feel the best you've ever felt, the most confident, the most energetic, the most mobile, and more.

8 Days to 2018: Day 1 - Educate Yourself on the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Dec 26, 2017

In support of everyone's best year to come, I've created a video series specifically to help! Over the next week, I'll release one video per day (shorter ones - about 5-10 minutes long each) with action steps for you to do each day.

Grab a notebook or a notes app on your phone and do the steps! Each video will build on the last (this is the first one, here!) - so, if you miss one, go back and check it out before doing the one of that day. (To make sure that you don't miss any, turn on notifications for when I upload something new and YouTube will tell you! Don't worry, you probably see and know that I don't upload too many things too often, so - I promise that I will be respectful of your notifications feed :) )
Finally, share this with a friend (maybe do it together?) and leave comments and feedback, questions and such. I want to put my best out here for you guys, so, your feedback is very important and helps me hone my messages better to you!
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The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself is Your Own Fitness & Wellness

Dec 20, 2017

Happy Holidays to you and your family!! I hope that they are the best ever for you! Take some time to look for the intangibles – the really good stuff!

Here’s this message to you in video form!

Forgive me please, I have been busy the past few weeks in that I traveled up to Pennsylvania to visit with my mom who is in a skilled nursing facility and had a lot to deal with in doing that! I’m sure you can relate that we can’t always do ALL of the things we want to – I’ve wanted to make this message for sometime, and I’m thankful that I got the opportunity to do it and to share it with you!

Here’s a few key points from the message:

  1. The best gift you can give yourself and those around you is: your own personal health and wellness.Example of one of my client’s WHY
    1. You cannot take care of those you love and care about if you don’t love and care for yourself first
  2. Self-image.Thoughts from my mom and her friend and all women/men...
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A Bit of my Story - How Fitness Changed my Life and my Lifestyle

Dec 12, 2017

In this video, I tell a bit about my background and my journey from not playing any sports in school, to getting my first gym membership (and WHY) and my journey ever since. 

I believe our stories are powerful: not only where we have been, and where we are, but maybe even more importantly - where we want to go from here!

Movement, activity, and exercise affects all areas of our lives: our creativity, our productivity, we feel better, we are more present and aware in the moment and within relationships with our family, friends, and coworkers. It enhances so many areas of life and helps to create more energy for us to be able to do all of the other things that we want and need to do on a daily basis! Movement becomes easier and more comfortable once we are moving.

As a holistic personal trainer, I work with anyone from the beginner to the seasoned athlete. Reach out to me and let me know where you want to go and where you are today and let’s make a plan together to get you...

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