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With so many flavors of "fitness training" out there today, where do you start? 

What's the best way for YOU to increase YOUR health, fitness, and overall wellness? Where's the substance, the depth of meaning that comes with getting in the best shape of your life, and why aren't more places talking about it? Where's the personal touch?


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Trying to change your overall lifestyle? From private one-on-one personal training, to remote coaching, to online course offerings, public speaking and more, explore how I can help you accomplish your health, fitness, and wellness goals!

Are you searching for a personal trainer who specifically crafts your exercise plan to meet your goals from a holistic perspective from where you are now? Trying to figure out how to balance exercise into your busy life? Want to know how to get started from where you are now? Want to make lasting healthy choices for your life? Learn how I can help you!

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Philosophy: Blog and Videos

Richmond Wellness started with the idea that health and fitness is MORE than just physical - it's a mental and spiritual journey as well! Increasing your health and fitness can literally change your life.

I teach holistic fitness - taking every area of life into concern when you're looking to feel the best you've ever felt, the most confident, the most energetic, the most mobile, and more.

Learn more about my holistic philosophy and approach to health, fitness and wellness!

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Online Courses

Are you frustrated with an area (or multiple areas) of your life? Want to create lasting lifestyle changes that you enjoy? Need a blueprint for success? Learn alternative solutions to problems and how to implement new habits to enhance your life experience!

Explore the growing library of courses offered and align yourself with values of health in every aspect of your life.

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"It took much longer than I thought it would at the beginning…and that’s a GOOD thing.  I secretly thought I could lose all the weight in 6 months and then go back to old habits. No! I've done it slow and steady and found a sustainable lifestyle with food and exercise that should last the rest of my life. Through being better to myself, I've learned to be better to others. Positivity is contagious!!! I could not have done this without Aubrey’s love and support.  She has a passion (and gift, in my opinion) for making this world a better place and helping you be a healthier and happier person."

Stacey B

"Aubrey's holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing is refreshing and allows clients to meet physical needs and much more. I highly recommend Aubrey to anyone looking to enhance his or her fitness level, whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting your journey."

Michele M

"In the six months I worked with Aubrey, she was the perfect professional. She was always on time for our appointments, she was prompt in her responses and she insured that I turned in my paperwork. Her attention to detail and her knowledge was amazing and extremely valuable. Aubrey helped tremendously in my fitness journey, and I would highly recommend her."


"I have trained with Aubrey. She knows her stuff, I have been working out a long time so I know when a trainer is knowledgeable and outlines a program that is personal to you. I always feel safe in that she is right there correcting form and motivating you. She has a wholistic approach which is a must for me."

Rosie M

"I have been training with Aubrey for two years and have seen tremendous results. I initially started working with Aubrey to prepare for getting pregnant and birthing a baby. I trained through 41 weeks of pregnancy and found it to be invaluable before and through the pregnancy. Can't recommend her highly enough."

McKenzie C

"I have worked with Aubrey over the past several months. Needless to say she earned my respect from the get go as I learned to trust the process. She was able to make working out fun again, something that I had missed in a long while. When I used to work out before working with Aubrey it was work and I did not enjoy the work that I had to put into it but I began to appreciate working out as I started to see real tangible results when I began working with Aubrey. I have used other trainers for other capacities in other areas and concentrations in the past but for some reason there was something about Aubrey that I learned to trust and I feel that she has that "it" factor when it comes to excelling in this specific profession. I was very pleased to have had her as a trainer."

Jason L

Create Your Wellness: 2018 & Beyond

Think of this as your New Year's ultimatum. Whether you've struggled time and again to implement healthy lifestyle changes only to relapse after a period of time, or you want to do it the best way the first go around, this course is for you.

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The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

The best gift you can give yourself and those around you is: your own personal health and wellness. Listen as I describe my client's WHY for investing in her own health, fitness, and wellness. 

This New Year, instead of trying the new fad, how about learning how to create true, lasting lifestyle change for yourself? 

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